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Digital innovation with Plečnik's heritage in Ljubljana

In the year when selected works by the architect Jože Plečnik have been added to the World Heritage List, Ljubljana Tourism undertook their digitization. The app with 3D models of the the works is in line with the concept of a future 5-star "edutainment" experience based on Plečnik's Ljubljana.


Showcasing the distinctive design of urban space 

No visitor to our capital can overlook the legacy of the world-famous architect Jože Plečnik. In 2021, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee added selected Plečnik’s works to the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List. Therefore, the Ljubljana Tourism decided to create an experiential digital tourist guide of his works.

Plečnik's heritage is immensely rich, which is why his other works – in addition to the works requested by the call for nominations – have been included into the user solution via a stylised map. We have classified them into three categories, equipped them with interactive icons and combined the digitized objects that were selected for the call with Plečnik’s other buildings and unrealised architectural projects into the AR / VR app.

Different dimensions of architectural masterpieces

The digital innovation with Plečnik's heritage was carried out to raise the level of competences of the leading tourist destinations and boost the development of the tourist offer, and a part of the tourist experience was transferred into the world of interactive applications. In the context of the AR experience, we use a tablet to explore interactive digital objects placed on a 3D map that are presented with 360° photographs, 3D models and other information.

You can find out more about Plečnik's legacy at his house, where the interactive experience takes place, by using VR glasses, i.e. by entering virtual reality. Occupying the same space as the master architect himself, you can see his digitized, realised and unrealised projects with short descriptions and 360° photographs, while the unrealised objects are also presented in the form of 3D models. And it is the latter that show how limitless the mind of Plečnik really was.

A legacy preserved for all time

The legacy of our greatest architect deserves special attention and recognition. Digitization is certainly a method for preserving his works in the world of augmented and virtual reality and for presenting them in a modern way to any interested party.


The transfer of elements into a digital world


An intuitive user experience


Virtual and augmented reality

Added value

AR and VR apps that provide a digitized experience are designed according to modern guidelines and follow the trend of the simple and intuitive user experience.

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