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Vulkanija - Adventure park

Grad municipality

Vulkanija and the last volcano in Slovenia

The Vulcania Adventure Park in the municipality of Grad at Goričko reveals a very special story to its visitors – the story of the last volcano that erupted on our soil 3 million years ago. Oli, the cute animated mole, will take you through it and you will learn a lot of interesting things.


When history comes to light

Life on Earth was very different 3 million years ago when the last volcano erupted on our soil. Volcanic eruptions were commonplace, and one erupted right where Vulkanija stands. As a center that educates about volcanoes and offers different experiences, it is located on the site of part of the crater of a volcano that was one kilometer across.

We have provided visitors with a very special guide on the way to explore such an interesting and varied topic. We have created a cute animated mole, Oli, who greets you as a mascot at the entrance to Vulkanija, and with whom you can explore the world of volcanoes. The dark and mysterious world of the underworld is just the area he knows best. 

Interactive educational content for all generations

The world of something as beautiful and as threatening as volcanoes is no cakewalk. The path to the eruption of Slovenia's last volcano is complicated, so Oli the mole guides visitors along it. Using VR goggles, they learn about the dangers of volcanoes, and on the way through the avalanche tube, Oli, in the form of a hologram, guides them onwards by answering their questions correctly.

Then they learn about the history of the universe and how our solar system and the earth were shaped using 4D stereoscopic techniques. Geology and flora and fauna from the distant and recent past of Goričko are presented to visitors through various films, followed by perhaps the most exciting part of the visit to Vulkanija - the descent in an elevator 6,000 meters below the Earth's surface, right down to the lava.

A journey to the very center of the earth

The descent, combined with a spatial video projection, takes place on a simulation platform that moves and shakes to give the sensation of actually descending into the depths of the Earth's crust. After a short journey through the underground, Oli reappears to make sure that the train returns safely to the surface. It is also placed on a platform, which makes the experience of the ride very realistic when watching a 3D film.


3D animation, stereoscopic and 3D film


Education about the history and volcanoes                                  


Modern interactive technologies

Added value

Vulkanija is an exciting, entertaining, educational, and interactive experience, using state-of-the-art technologies, including 3D films, a stereoscopic experience, and a moving platform.

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