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Abasvet VR paragliding


Using a parachute in a closed space

The Abanka bank, now a part of Nova KBM bank, wanted to approach its younger and potential customers and present itself as a modern bank with the future in mind. To this end, they created the Abasvet branch office that offered many experiences and technological surprises.


Virtual reality comes closest to reality

Many banks like to boast about their modern approach and the modern range of services they offer to their customers. With its Abasvet branch office, the Abanka bank wanted to offer and show people something completely new. Even more – it wanted to give them the opportunity to experience some of the things that would otherwise be quite difficult to experience in real life.

That is where virtual reality technology came to the rescue, providing surprising experiences in the safe environment of a bank branch office. How else could we enable someone to experience something that usually requires expertise, experience, equipment and, last but not least, the ability to visit a specific location? A virtual world built with technology and incorporating technological surprises transcends all those limitations.

Fly despite your fear of heights

The Abasvet of Abanka simply wanted to fascinate, so it offered plenty of interesting things. In addition to the virtual reality parachute experience, we also organised a few other experiences: a tour of the underwater world in a submarine, a close encounter with outer space and a visit to the first virtual escape room in Slovenia. But still, it was the parachute jump that was the most popular.

The visitor was strapped onto suspended equipment with electro-motors attached that was placed onto a platform in the office branch. The visitor then put on the VR glasses that were synchronised with the animated world the visitor was experiencing during the flight and took to the “air”. The visitors steered left or right with a shift of the joystick and they had unlimited control in the VR world that culminated in the fun challenge of landing on a floating target.

The future is definitely digital

All companies like to keep up with the times. This is also true for traditional institutions such as banks. The Abanka bank wanted to show the visitors of Abasvet that it is a modern bank in no uncertain terms. New digital technologies that are usually mainly associated with the world of entertainment are the ones that will dictate the future of all industries.


Safe paragliding in a digital world


Control and steering


The feeling of a real experience

Added value

An animated interactive simulation of paragliding in a virtual reality world created an exceptional and completely safe experience that was much like the real thing.

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