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VR Poli high fives with Luka Dončić

Perutnina Ptuj

“High fives” with Luka Dončić and Poli 

The Poli’s Fives VR campaign is an integrated experiential marketing solution where 3D virtual reality was implemented with the aim of spreading the values and communicating the character of the Poli brand of the Perutnina Ptuj company.


Generating a crazy atmosphere for the generation Z

Incorporating the soft placement of a Poli product into an experiential campaign, leaning on new technologies and online activation and also holding a prize game to address one of the more demanding target groups was a task that required a lot of thought and ingenuity.

The chosen communication starting point was a combination of quality, youthful spirit and, perhaps something that is most appealing to the Generation Z we were trying to address, playfulness. Therefore we enlisted a Poli ambassador who is well known around the entire world – Luka Dončić.

Numerous “high-fives” for the best shots

Slapping each other’s palms after a successful throw, score or an impressive move is a gesture of recognition in many different sports. And that was also the case for Poli’s high-fives; what’s more, they were given by our world-famous NBA superstar, Luka Dončić! Well, his animated version did, but the real Luka was aware of each one, since we developed a special Apple Watch app that kept him in the loop.

At the beginning, each participant got familiarised with the VR environment and then they had two minutes to score as many shots as possible. At the movable pavilion, we replaced the basket with three 75-inch screens where passers-by could watch the VR competition, fun animations and animated Luka’s witty reactions.

Interactivity, fun and a charitable character of the activation

The player's VR experience was recorded in the background and compiled into a video that enabled them to take part in the prize draw. Everyone could increase their chances of winning the prize by sharing the video online. The "high fives" that Luka received were transformed into gift boxes with basketballs, which Perutnina Ptuj company donated to the primary schools that were chosen by a draw at the end of the campaign.


52 primary schools received a package of basketballs


36.000 interactions in two months



Added value

Teenagers and families were approached at venues and in shopping centres to help donate real basketballs to schools by gaining free throw points in a VR world.

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