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VIRTUS - VR system for transfer of knowledge in power engineering

Art Rebel 9

Art Rebel 9 d.o.o., in project partnership with C&G d.o.o. Ljubljana was selected in the public tender of the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport with the title "Public tender for Incentives for research and development projects of NOO" for the implementation of the project "Virtual reality system for sustainable transfer of knowledge in the power industry" (project acronym: "Virtus"), which is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the Fund for Recovery and Resilience (www.noo.gov.si).


The goal of the project is the development of the innovative technological platform Virtus, which enables the creation of flexible learning environments in virtual reality (VR). With the help of the VR platform, the project will also create the first learning environment for the areas of dangerous work in the power industry, an industry that faces the challenge of how to transfer knowledge to new generations in an extremely short time and thus compensate for the loss of more than half of the most experienced workforce. which will retire in the next 5-10 years. The learning environment of virtual reality brings a solution to this challenge, because with innovative solutions for adding learning content, creating learning polygons, scenarios and dangerous and stressful situations, it will enable the training of maintainers, repairmen and installers without the need to build a large number of physical training polygons, which would otherwise be necessary for this. Physical training grounds require extremely large amounts of natural resources for their construction and operation, are a source of unnecessary waste and contain dangerous substances (mineral oils, greenhouse gases) that pose a great risk to the environment. With the development of a virtual learning environment, we will be able to prevent these negative environmental impacts, and at the same time significantly exceed the quality of the training that is carried out in the existing training grounds.

By 2024, we will establish a virtual learning process in virtual reality and develop a VR mobile application and an interface for editing learning content.

Project duration: 28/10/2022 – 30/11/2024

Total financial value of the project: EUR 557,725.54

Amount of co-financing: EUR 299,962.83

The investment is financed from the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

Funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU

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