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Septaria - The Megalodon

Šentilj municipality

It is unlikely that you have ever heard the term septaria. This is the name given to spherical rock formations that hide minerals inside. The same name is also given to the Regional Tourist Centre in Šentilj in Slovenske gorice, where the exhibition »An unforgettable experience of the Pannonian Sea« is on display. This exhibition takes visitors back in time 20 million years by showing the rich flora and fauna, presenting specific content that can be viewed in augmented reality using tablets as well.


One of the more fascinating facts is that a long time ago, the Pannonian Sea was home to a giant shark called the megalodon. We introduced him through a cute 2D animation, whose aesthetic is slightly reminiscent of the famous Monty Python sketches. In this way, we took the creepiness out of the imposing prehistoric monster and made it interesting and educational through entertaining content in an engaging way.

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