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Rog factory renovation

City of Ljubljana

Buildings or landmarks that are considered icons of the city are always deeply rooted in the hearts of the citizens. Any intervention in them, be it renovation, extension, or anything else, is often met with an emotional response. People are quickly frightened by the unknown, so demonstrations of how something will look when it is new are always welcome. Physical models are still used, but computer animation as the modern way of presenting things is increasingly displacing them.


The 3D model of the renovated Ljubljana Rog also included textures on the façade. In this way, we were able to show the final appearance of the building more accurately and give viewers a better idea of it. In addition, we placed animated 2D and 3D people in individual frames, bringing the dynamics and persuasiveness of the presentation even further to life. The icing on the cake is a walk through the interior spaces, which shows the soul of the new Rog.

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