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Projection in St. Trojica

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A unique experience of breathtaking architectural projections

Zavod za turizem Maribor – Pohorje wanted a creative digital solution for the presentation and interpretation of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity as an immovable cultural heritage that introduces the story of the traditional TrojicaFest in an interesting, technologically advanced and educational way.


Projection mapping, 3D magic on the facade of the monastery

TrojicaFest is the name of the festival and the celebration of the municipal holiday in Sveta Trojica and is considered a traditional event in the region of Slovenske gorice. It combines numerous activities and cultural events for all tastes and generations and offers its visitors something new every year. We helped them by designing a fascinating and unique projection on the monastery’s facade.

This dramatic, eight-minute visual performance, aptly named “Lighting” for its electrifying content and experience, completed each of the four consecutive festival evenings of TrojicaFest in 2021. It was one of our largest public projections so far, as it was projected on almost 1,500 m2 surface of the beautiful church facade.

When the experience is improved by the very location

Projections on architectural objects are a far cry from the usual. The mere environment in which such a projection takes place – the open space, the ambience and the "canvas" or the architecture itself – offers creative possibilities for content presentation. The context such spaces provide elevates storytelling to a completely different level.

After studying the monastery records, we created a sensational audiovisual performance, which presented the story of the church through time, from the golden age of pilgrimages to the mentioning of a miraculous healing that took place in the church. All this interesting content, reinforced with certain abstract visual inputs, left a very strong impression on the audience and provided great enthusiasm.

Technology that takes the spectator into a new dimension

Before preparing the content for the video, we made sure that the building itself was digitised (modelling and animation). The digitised church was later used in the projection itself. Using cloud point technology, a series of data points in space, we created a 3D display of this beautiful sacral monument.


Rarely seen, fascinating format


Architecture as cinema performance


1,500 square meters of projections

Added value

The combination of the ambience and the unusual projection canvas in the form of an architectural object made a completely different experience out of the streamed content than a conventional projection.

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