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Rogaška Slatina and innovative digital solutions

We present the cultural heritage of Rogaška Slatina to visitors using various innovative digital solutions so that they can experience the story of the destination in more detail and in an interesting way as it connects with the history, development and importance of the Donat Mg healing water.


The Grand Hotel Rogaška starring in its new role

Many count the beautiful and recognisable façade of the Zdraviliški dom or the Grand Hotel Rogaška among the main elements of the city’s skyline. The magnificent building has been a witness to history for many years, hiding numerous interesting stories behind its walls. Being a recognisable icon, the hotel simply beckoned us to include it in a major tourist or promotional story.

We therefore presented the story of Rogaška Slatina to domestic and foreign guests in an interesting, technologically advanced and educational way, using state-of-the-art projection mapping technology in this project. The building's façade was used as a “projection screen” for 3D animation, which included digitised elements of cultural heritage. 

Turning the building’s façade into a projection screen

The famous entrance to the Grand Hotel Rogaška belongs to one of the most recognisable city attractions. It is also a venue for various special events, so we chose its façade to serve as a screen on which we presented a visually fascinating evening video projection. Its dynamic content excited and impressed all the viewers gathered at the Zdraviliški park.   

The attractive and memorable projection, involving mostly 3D animation, presented the key points that marked and formed Rogaška Slatina throughout its history, intertwining the town and its tourist offer with the mineral water and the internationally recognised crystal glass design.

Digital presentation of cultural heritage

Both digital experiences are examples of modern and innovative digital solutions that complemented the general stories of the local cultural development, the importance of the healing water and other characteristics of Rogaška Slatina in an interesting way. 

3D animation

A remarkable world of imagination


Transferring elements into the digital world


A format that captivates the viewer

Added value

The AR app and the video content projection on the façade of the building greatly contributed to the digital innovation of cultural heritage as part of the cultural heritage digitisation project.

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