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Projection on Ljubljana castle

Ljubljana municipality

Ljubljana Castle Public Institute, a distinctive dragon and projection mapping

The Ljubljana Castle and the dragon are the two most recognisable icons of the Slovenian capital, which is why they also found their way into the city’s coat of arms. With a special projection onto the façade of the castle during the festive Christmas season, we woke the sleeping dragon that once again soared above the city.


Visitors can be fully immersed into a 3D video projection

The castle and the city of Ljubljana have been inextricably linked for a very long time. And the dragon as a symbol of the city has been linked to the castle as well – therefore, it is not surprising that this time they appear in the story together. Every year, the New Year’s atmosphere with its bustle and energy awakens the sleeping dragon and forces it to spread its wings. 

Architectural projection or the 3D projection mapping "Awaken the Dragon" was an exceptionally charming audio-visual attraction performed on the façade of the Estates Hall of the Ljubljana Castle. From the castle courtyard (and in the festively decorated atmosphere), visitors could enjoy the projection as an introduction to the leading theme of the cultural and artistic programme of the year – dragonlore.

When everyone present becomes completely absorbed into the experience

The animation of the famous Ljubljana dragon in the surroundings of the Ljubljana Castle, in the inner courtyard and with projections in an open space completely captivates every viewer. The magic of the surroundings, the monumentality of the “canvas” or façade, the physical dimension of the projection itself and its imaginative content and execution form a truly incredible immersive experience.  

The story of the dragon, the guardian of our capital, who fought with the Knight George and disappeared into the underworld, was expanded with some extra content. In it, a skillful tamer dispels the myth that dragons are merely bloodthirsty beasts and shows that they are in fact the guardians of nature, the secrets of the world and the wisdom of life. 

A rarely seen combination of experience and storytelling  

It is not easy to outdo the atmosphere and the varied feelings evoked by the castle courtyard itself. The walls of the Ljubljana Castle have a rich history and many stories to tell. We tried to present one of the stories in the most majestic way possible. The façade became the canvas and the courtyard became the cinema. 


A rare communication channel


An exceptional presentation of an imaginary world


No limitations to the imagination

Added value

Projection mapping or video projection allows us to project content onto the uneven surface of architectural or other objects in physical space using a projector and appropriate software, which brings about a fascination with the environment.

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