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Ožujsko - Teleportation

Ožujsko beer

Man's desire to travel and explore will never be extinguished, and Ožujsko pivo has cleverly exploited this fact in its TV spot. The invention of teleportation has triggered a huge travel frenzy, with people frantically going to other planets. Well, almost all of them - loyal Ožujsko pivo drinkers are exploiting the utility value of portals in completely different ways.


The invention of teleportation did not move them around the galaxy, as they much preferred to use the portals for the opportunity to socialize with friends and for leisure activities - all, of course, in a company of a chilled bottle of their favourite beer. In the TV spot, we filled the physical frame of the teleport with a 3D animated interior, through which the protagonists moved from one end of Croatia to the other with the help of computer graphics.

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