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Bankarium - Banking Museum of Slovenia


Bankarium and the banking heritage in Slovenia

The Slovenian Banking Museum was created under the patronage of the NLB bank with the primary purpose of showing the history or the development of money and banking around the world and in Slovenia. Alongside viewing the exhibited artefacts, visitors can engage with video projections, interesting multimedia and virtual reality content.


Means of payment – past and present

“Money makes the world go round,” they say – and given the fact that it has accompanied man for the last 5,000 years, this statement is probably quite true. Money’s diverse history deserves special attention, which is why the Slovenian Banking Museum in the Ljubljana city centre was established showcasing the development of money and banking around the world and housing the 200 years of its history on the Slovenian soil.  

Abundant content can be presented in different, interesting and interactive ways, allowing for more than just passive observation. Visitors like to touch things, slide their fingers over the screen to make the app do something, play a game or a quiz, see an appealing video, dive into the world of virtual reality using VR glasses and learn something new in the diverse multimedia world.

History overview at multimedia stations 

For quite some time now, museums have not just been places where exhibited items are statically displayed. Modern museums entice us with a much more interactive approach and this is what has inspired us in our work as well. To begin with, we prepared an animated introduction to banking, which takes the visitor through 6 periods in the money and banking development. The more detailed explanations of the periods can be gathered from the infographics on the large wall.   

The exhibition’s interactive part consists of touchscreen stations where visitors can play games (Monopoly, Snake, Tetris) or take a quiz on the history of banking and money. Visitors can view an additional projection, which shows archived footages. They can “travel” along the timeline on a screen displaying period-related content as they scroll forward.

Modern banking through virtual reality

The initial, more interactive part of the exhibition also concludes with a multimedia presentation of modern banking, which the visitors experience using 3D glasses. The second part of the exhibition goes for a first-hand experience and introduces banking practices by displaying bank counters from three different historical periods and lets visitors step into a real bank vault where they can count the Bankarium money on a counting device.


Modern, interactive technologies


New knowledge and insights


Exploration through one's participation

Added value

The technologies used in the museum turn the visitors from static observers into active researches, who explore the 200 years of the money and banking development history around the world and in Slovenia.

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