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Moonstone application

Noordung Center Vitanje

Viewing a rock picked up from terrain that is 380,000 km away from Earth

With the help of the US Embassy in Ljubljana, The Herman Potočnik Noordung Center of Space Technologies in Vitanje has managed to bring to Slovenia and exhibit a truly remarkable item – an original stone from the Moon, brought back to Earth by the Apollo 17 mission.


The answer to how the rock came to Earth

Humans have always gazed at the Moon, yet few have had the opportunity to set foot on this natural satellite. All in all, 12 astronauts have walked the lunar surface and have managed to bring back to Earth, among other things, a number of samples from the Moon. One of the samples was put on display at the Noordung Centre in Vitanje until the end of 2020.

Such an important object has a riveting context of acquisition, which is why we decided to present the Apollo 17 mission through a content-rich, interactive multimedia application. The application allowed the visitors to relieve the astronauts’ journey to and from space, explore and learn many new facts about the Moon, view numerous images and get to know other space expeditions better.

The last “pebble” in the mosaic of one of the biggest stories in Slovenia

One does not get the chance to present an item of such significance to people very often. Because the moon rock was only loaned to the Noordung Centre, we used photogrammetry (i.e. volume and texture capture) to convert it into a digital 3D model. The 3D model allowed the visitors to view the rock from all sides and gather a lot of interesting information about it. 

Although the opportunity to see the rock was an invaluable experience in itself, we have prepared many additional and educational activities for the Noordung Center. The activities provided different perspectives and shed even more light on the various human expeditions to space and the Moon. 

Interactive screens, projections and more

A couple of interactive touch screens with detailed information about the moon rock, a description of the origin and formation of the Moon, a comparison of space rockets, videos about walking on the lunar surface, a detailed description of one of the rare spacesuit replicas and much more rounded off the content we have prepared.


Creation of a digital 3D model


Active participation of visitors


A appealing manner of presenting information

Added value

The moon rock has already said goodbye to the Noordung Center and is now touring elsewhere. In a way, it remains on display for the visitors even today, in the form of a hologram that we have designed.

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