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Magnifico - So Lonely


Magnifico's music video for So Lonely, in which he sings about his loneliness and memories of lost love, could be just another of the many videos we have seen with their melancholic content. But if anyone, it is Magnifico who knows how to surprise and show everyday things a little differently.  In the spot, his chosen one appears as a timid woodland creature, staring at him with her big and beautiful eyes, before getting scared and running away.


We replaced the face of the beautiful woman with a 3D model of a deer, which means that we first had to faithfully model the deer's head. Then we performed the latter movements, allowing us to position the head appropriately on the woman's body and according to her movement. Then we animated it with all the details (eyes, ears, and fur), rendered it and put it all together into the final version.

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