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ZT - Kuža pazi

Triglav insurance company

A puppy called »Pazi« (Beware) is the furry animated mascot of the Triglav Insurance Company, which Slovenian children already know well. Caring for their well-being and ensuring their safety and health is his life's mission, which began more than 20 years ago. He's active mainly on the roads, where he safely escorts as many schoolchildren as possible on their way to school each year. In Covid-19 times, he also advises on how to maintain as healthy habits as possible.


He has reached a respectable age in dog years, and his appearance reflects his friendly and relaxed character. As a 3D character, he is relatively simple, but we still had to prepare a 3D model for him, which we animate for each of his performances and place in the environment that the story requires. He never runs out of these, so he will help many generations of our youngest ones with his advice.

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