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The Kurent house

Ptuj municipality

The Kurent house, home of the Slovenian Kurent

The Kurent House in Ptuj was created on the initiative and under the auspices of the Association of Kurent Societies, which brings together 25 societies with over 1,100 members. Its main purpose is to present the traditional figure of the kurent/korant and its history using state-of-the-art interactive technologies.


Protecting the character and mission of the Kurent

The inscription of the kurent, or its tradition, on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage is an exceptional recognition for Slovenia. The most recognizable carnival character in Slovenia, first recorded in 1880, is an original and unique character from Ptuj, the Drava region and the surrounding area. As such, it is one of the most important symbols of Slovenian identity. 

The preservation of the kurent and kurentovanje is therefore extremely important, among other things because it has carried the name of our country beyond our national borders. This tradition, which goes back a long way, therefore deserves a place where visitors can learn about it in an interactive, educational and entertaining way. This is how we successfully preserve our cultural heritage for future generations. 

Everything you always wanted to know about the Kurents

Due to their role and task, the Kurents traditionally only appear in Ptuj each year between Candlemas and Ash Wednesday. At the Kurent House, visitors can learn about them all year round using modern technologies. In addition to the physical masks and Kurent equipment, there are also interactive screens with rich multimedia content that offer an abundance of interesting information. 

The most related to the Kurent is the multimedia presentation on its history and evolution over time, its detailed description and the research room where you can test your knowledge. There is also a life-size photo of the kurent, which can be taken, accompanied by graphic elements and uploaded to your mobile device via a QR code.

... but you didn't dare ask

As the town of Ptuj and its surroundings breathe with the kurent all the time, visitors can also view a selection of culinary and other traditional events in and around Ptuj, as well as a selection of the comprehensive tourist offer within the tourist destination, on interactive screens. The SIMPL application will draw up a suitable itinerary for the user based on their preferences and the answers they give.


Modern, interactive technologies


Knowledge and cultural heritage insights 


Useful and attractive socializing

Added value

Learning about the world and traditions of the kurent/korant and its ritual through an interactive, experiential, memorable and educational experience designed using innovative technologies. 

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