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House of The Carniolan Bee

Ivančna Gorica Municipality

Preserving the heritage of the native Slovenian bee breed 

The Slovenian beekeeping tradition is rich and deeply rooted in the consciousness of the Slovenian people. The Carniolan bee, a native Slovenian breed, lives in this country and is considered to be one of the most widespread bee breeds in the world. The Carniolan Bee House was established in its honour – an interactive museum dedicated to these diligent creatures.


A unique experiential exhibition at the Carniolan Bee House 

The Carniolan bee has a long history in Slovenia, which is a result of good knowledge of bees and a centuries-worth of experience working with them. Many Slovenian experts have developed several beekeeping techniques, which helped place the Carniolan bee on the world map. The species is also the only protected native bee breed in the European Union.

Its importance has thus brought the little creature its own adventure house that is a part of the ApiLab Center of Innovative Technologies in Višnja Gora and tells the species’ story to the visitors. The house offers interactive experience and takes the visitors through the educational labyrinth of the renovated building of the famous old Višnja Gora school. 

Get a genuine experience of the bee world 

The mission and purpose of the Carniolan Bee House is to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the native Slovenian bee breed while emphasising the local environment. The multimedia content that we have contributed is aptly incorporated into the interior furnishings and the entire ambient of the Carniolan Bee House. Among other features, the house boast rooms in the form of innovative wooden honeycomb cells.  

One of the experiences that we have created involves copyright video projections of the historical figures from the Rothschütz beekeeping family. The family members take you through the meadow habitat straight into the world of bees, touching the entrepreneurial aspect of beekeeping and all the beneficial active ingredients of honey. There are many multimedia touch stations in the house with educational content and fun quizzes.

No bees, no humans

The Carniolan Bee House was created at a time when the awareness of the importance of bees for humans is on the rise once more. The content at various stations where learning through entertainment takes place also contributes to making people engage with the topic more. The entire experience is beautifully rounded up by a tour of the real glass hives with Carniolan bees living in them. 


Modern, interactive technologies

Educational value

Education on history and culture


Intuitive user experience

Added value

An interesting and interactive experience involving copyright video projections and educational content with multimedia touch stations that reveal the secret world of bees to the visitors.

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