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Expano - Panoscope

Murska Sobota municipality

Vantage points that offer the view of the entire Pomurje Region 

The Municipality of Murska Sobota has taken over the movable parts of the Slovenian pavilion from the Expo in Milan and converted them into a regional promotional centre Expano. There, the Pomurje Region presents itself in a creative and innovative way using modern technologies that came to life with our help.


A postcard of the region that provides plenty of additional information

Pomurje and Prekmurje – the former is the region along the Mura River, while the latter region stretches along the left bank of the river up to the national border. The entire region is a beautiful, diverse and hospitable area in the north-eastern Slovenia that is home to many cultural and historical attractions. 

For that reason, it has so much to present and show, and visitors can find something interesting in practically every nook and corner of the region. The paths can lead them anywhere, therefore we wanted to present the points of interest of the Pomurje Region in as much detail as possible and add plenty of useful information.

A view as far as the eye can see

The four very high resolution mega panoramic photographs of the Panoscope feature views from four points in the region (the Vinarium Tower, Kapelski Vrh, Jeruzalem and Sotinski Breg as the highest peak in Pomurje), and each photograph allows for an exceptional zoom-in effect. By scrolling through the touch screen, visitors can move through the region and discover points of interest. 

Interactivity helps them find landmarks such as churches and castles, and by clicking on each one, they can find out its distance from the Expano, obtain some basic information and get a 360° view of its interior and exterior from different directions.

Details are key

Due to their extremely high resolution, the photographs allow for a view in a "magnifying glass" mode – the mode presents an unusually high level of detail and is similar to viewing the landscape using binoculars at the physical location. In addition to a detailed view, it also offers more information and a peak inside the buildings.


An exceptional close-up experience


Easy and intuitive operation


An enriched tourist experience

Added value

A picturesque presentation of the region with high-resolution photographs and a zoom effect, presenting the selected landmark with a 360° exterior / interior photograph and selected information.

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