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Expano - Panoflight VR

Murska Sobota municipality

An aerial tour and flight over the Pannonian Basin

The Municipality of Murska Sobota has taken over the movable parts of the Slovenian pavilion from the Expo in Milan and converted them into a regional promotional centre Expano. There, the Pomurje Region presents itself in a creative and innovative way using modern technologies that came to life with our help.


A virtual reality experience that lifts you up

The Expano Adventure Park is designed to promote the Pomurje region and the Pannonian way of life as a tourist destination and experience. This landscape has been shaped in many ways by the ancient Pannonian sea of Tethys that has left behind a truly rich natural, cultural and historical heritage.

Panoflight is just one of the many contents offered by Expano Interactive Adventure Park. It is focused on the incredible experience of the region from a bird's perspective, as it was experienced several decades ago by the Belgian scientist Max Cosyns. Board a replica of his balloon and fly over the Pomurje region – over the plains to Goričko, over the Jeruzalem Hills and Prlekija to Lendava and back.

You don’t have to fear heights

Panoflight or the flight over the Pannonian Basin is just one of the many adventures Expano has to offer. With the help of virtual reality technology, the visitors can experience something that would normally be available only to the chosen few. The balloon flight "takes" them over the western coast of the Pannonian Sea that has shaped this entire region in a myriad of ways 10 million years ago.

To make the experience of the flight as authentic as possible, we placed the replica of the Cosyns’ balloon basket above the ground to create a realistic feeling of floating above the ground. The panel simulates the movements in the left-right direction while the basket moves up and down. The visitors use the VR glasses and observe the region from the bird’s perspective. 

The most authentic experience

This approach also offers the advantage of condensing an experience that would usually take several hours into an experience that takes only a few minutes. The real flight would take much longer and could be cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions. Panoflight is available throughout the entire year – and here is an additional fun fact for you: chances are quite high that you will get to spot the famous stork during the flight.

5D effect

A multi-sensory experience


A controlled environment


An adventure full of useful information

Added value

An experience of a hot air balloon flight over the Pomurje Region and the Pannonian Basin in the safe and controlled environment of the Expano Adventure Park and an aerial tour of selected and marked landmarks.

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