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Expano - Panofilm

Murska Sobota municipality

Projection of the timeline of the Pannonian Sea formation

The Municipality of Murska Sobota has taken over the movable parts of the Slovenian pavilion from the Expo in Milan and converted them into a regional promotional centre Expano. There, the Pomurje Region presents itself in a creative and innovative way using modern technologies that came to life with our help.


A journey in time, a journey to the sea

One of the landmarks that no longer exists today but has shaped the area of the present-day Pomurje Region and its wider surroundings in the past is the Pannonian Sea, the Tethys Sea. It already existed during the Carboniferous period 60 million years ago and lasted until the Miocene period 10 million years ago. 

Its rich heritage is at the heart of the Expano pavilion’s tourist offer. The Pannonian Sea has left behind a landscape that has been profoundly transformed, from the point of view and influence of plants and animals as well as humans, who have left their mark on it with their settlement and landscaping.

Millions of years of history in just a few minutes

To present the story of the Pannonian Sea, the westernmost part of which was once located in the present-day Pomurje Region, is one of the main goals of the Expano pavilion concept. The presentation is centred around water as a symbol of life and growth that – alongside the Mura River and numerous thermal waters – is the basic element of the park from which the five pillars of the Pomurje tourism are derived.

To recreate the atmosphere of an environment that existed so unimaginably long ago is quite a feat. This is why our multi-person team has put a lot of knowledge, effort and energy into the content preparation and animation. In doing so, the members of our team produced a compelling, interesting, experiential and, above all, high-quality video projection showcasing a timeline with interesting historical information that can be traced from the distant past to the present day. 

A video projection that draws you in

Due to the 270-degree angle of projection, visitors get a very realistic feel of the content, as they can easily get completely involved and immersed in the experience that the projection display offers. It is an introduction to the adventure park, preparing the visitors for the various creative adventurous experiences that await them in the park itself.

270 degrees

The experience of an all-embracing projection

A time machine

A voyage through historic periods

3D animation

Convincing and educational content

Added value

An exceptionally immersive experience where the projection format (270-degree projection angle) plunges the viewer into the stories of different historical periods.

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