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Expano - Panofilm animation

Murska Sobota Municipality

Panofilm, a 3D journey through time in the Pomurje region, is part of the content of the Expano Adventure Park. It takes visitors back in time to when the Pannonian Sea still reigned on the site of today's Pomurje plain and thus shaped its appearance. The experience itself is all the more interesting because the projection takes place on three screens at the same time - the 270-degree angle allows you to fully immerse yourself in it and experience it almost as if you were there.


Traveling back in time was a challenging task, as we had to create the spirit of a time that existed so long ago. Visitors travel from the present to the distant past, from today's cultivated landscape to the Ice Age and the animals of that time, to the changing volcanic landscape, life in the Pannonian Sea, and last but not least a time when the earth was still very young. 

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