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Expano - The Door to Pomurje

Murska Sobota municipality

A small-scale model of the Pomurje Region at the Sobota lake

The Municipality of Murska Sobota has taken over the movable parts of the Slovenian pavilion from the Expo in Milan and converted them into a regional promotional centre Expano. There, the Pomurje Region presents itself in a creative and innovative way using modern technologies that came to life with our help.

Art Rebel 9 is a reliable partner who has complemented our ideas within the Expano project with a great user experience. They stand behind their work and productions even after the project is finished and strive to ensure that their products are upgraded.

Helga Lukač, Head of Expano Regional Promotion Centre

Regional Promotional Centre ushering visitors through the “Gateway to the Pomurje Region” 

At the global exhibition Expo 2015 in Milan, Slovenia presented its own pavilion as an independent country for the first time in history. Given the theme of the exhibition – the sustainable living and responsible behaviour concepts – the country decided to dismantle the pavilion after the exhibition, transport it back to Slovenia and set it up at a new location.

The Municipality of Murska Sobota has been given the green light to place the building in the degraded area of Sobota lake with the aim of revitalising the lake. This is how the Expano Interactive Adventure Park was created, using modern technologies, creative content design and interactive experiences to provide an unforgettable experience for all the visitors.

Unfolding the beauty of a world that is unknown to many

It is the collection of interactive experiences that we have woven into the content of the Expano that has helped us to present the Prekmurje Region in an engaging and experiential way.

The use of innovative technologies to conjure up a VR hot-air balloon ride, 270° 3D projection of a walk through millions of years of history, ultra-high resolution photography to explore the entire region, and yoga with animal representatives provide an exhilarating physical experience through an interface that allows body movement, facial expression and voice interaction.

In addition, we also prepared educational content with a quiz and interactive displays covering the topics of agriculture, an infinity room with mirrors and a floor projection that conjured up the illusion of the boundless Pannonian Basin, as well as holograms of animals that can typically be found in the forest areas.

A tourist experience that leaves a lasting impression

In recent years, the Pomurje Region has developed into a popular destination for both the domestic and foreign tourists. The serenity of Expano corresponds to the character of the region, while the experiences within the centre are presented to visitors in a comprehensive, interesting, informative and interactive way.


Modern, interactive technologies


Stimulation of various senses


A prestigious award for excellence in tourism

Added value

The experience and exploration of the Pomurje Region and the Pannonian Basin and an entire range of impressions that educate visitors and present the region from a variety of different angles.

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