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Dina - Center of Large Carnivores

Pivka municipality

An unforgettable experience of large carnivores at the Dina Centre

Dina in Pivka is a unique educational and entertainment centre where you can experience the fascinating world of large carnivores inhabiting our area: the wolf, the lynx and the bear. All this in a vibrant ambience of the magical forest exhibition and with the help of technologies provided by means of virtual and augmented reality.

We spent a lot of hours in meetings and on the phone so that in the end we did a really good thing. The cooperation was creative, productive, and fair so that we could become a good team, friends who will easily work together to upgrade and expand the center.

Dragica Jaksetič, DINA center

How to connect the world of people with the world of wild animals?

The wolf, the brown bear and the Eurasian lynx are large carnivores that have coexisted with humans for centuries in the northern Dinarides, an area that also includes parts of Slovenia. These animals play an important role in regulating natural processes, which is why the Carnivora Dinarica project was set up to ensure the long-term preservation of their populations. The founding of the Dina Centre in Pivka plays a part in the preservation effort.

During a family walk in the forest, you would not want to encounter a large wild carnivore. The reverse is also true as these animals tend to avoid humans at all costs. Therefore, how can we learn more about the animals’ lives, habits and their role in regulating natural processes? The easiest way is through an interactive, fun-packed and educational exhibition that takes visitors into the world of large wild carnivores.

Because we share a living space, we need to get to know each other

Every nook and corner of the beautifully arranged and creative environment of the centre entices and invites you to participate. The scene and the sound environment are complemented by wall projections of animals and floor projections of the root system and mycelium. In addition, we have developed, prepared and equipped ten different multimedia stations where visitors can spend two hours learning about the wolf, the bear and the lynx.

Through a camera displaying a 3D animated outline of a carnivore's skull, visitors learn about the differences in skull size and the evolutionary influences on tooth development. Through virtual reality, the image and sound in the masks of the large carnivores change depending on the individual animal, demonstrating the differences in sensory perception of each beast.

A fun experience for all generations

Using the augmented reality app, we enable visitors to detect invisible animal tracks in the centre, and we added “Zverbook” to the mix which is a fun experience that imitates the form of social media networks. On Zverbook, we learn about the animals’ habits through videos, photos, apps and memes. Interactive media tools thus bring different experiences that help us get to know the world of large carnivores.

10 stations

Diverse methods for varied information


State-of-the-art interactive technologies


A visual, audio and tactile experience

Added value

All the technologies used serve the purpose of “edutainment” very well – that is, virtual learning about the large Slovenian carnivores through fun exploration within the 10 stations of the Dina Centre.

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