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Digitizing Pomurje's cultural heritage

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Digikul and five buildings of cultural heritage of the Pomurje region

The Digikul project had digitised selected historically relevant immovable cultural heritage of five municipalities in the Pomurje region. It was intended for the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport’s archive and the subsequent development of five experiences as new tourist products and digital experiences in the very heart of Pomurje.


Digitization for tourist offer development

Digikul included five units of immovable cultural heritage units: The spa fountain in Radenci Park in Radenci, the Keršovan Villa in Murska Sobota, the Rotunda in Selo, Lendava Castle in Lendava and the Church of Mary of the Seven Sorrows in Jeruzalem. The purpose of the project was to raise the competencies of leading tourist destinations and develop tourist offer in 2020 and 2021.

Before the actual preparation of applications within the project, we first had to carry out a historical analysis, which was then followed by scanning the objects in the field using the combined method of 3D photogrammetry and laser scanning. Based on these procedures, we then created corresponding 3D models for each unit and include them in the corresponding applications.

VR apps by destinations

We created a VR app with 360° 2D animation for the destination of Radenci. The story tells of the discovery of a spring of a “miracle water” and introduces the animated dwarf Radin, while the content sections within the app takes place in five scenes of a single 360-degree illustration.

Visitors to Murska Sobota learn about Feri Novak's architectural heritage in virtual reality. The developed app enables viewing of historical buildings as legacies of Novak's works in the form of a 3D model of Keršovan Villa and 360-degree photographic coverage.

To promote the tourist destination of Jeruzalem, we used an immersive experience of 360° aerial footage to show the natural and cultural heritage of the wine-growing region during the harvest.

The AR app and video content

We have enriched the existing exhibition of bronze statues at Lendava Castle with video content showing craft and artistic processes. Besides these interesting images, they also boast an imaginative soundscape of copyrighted music.

The Rotunda in Selo is a 13th-century sacred building, whose 3D model within the AR app allows the user to view it. The display is enriched with the POI points that show additional content (text, sound), and allows a 360° view of the church interior.


Transfer of elements into the digital world


Modern interactive technologies


Various educational content

Added value

The apps in the Digikul project are aimed at improving the competences of tourism workers, developing new tourist products and digitally innovating the cultural heritage of Pomurje region.

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