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DIGIT HERZ - Call for proposals »Digital transformation of the economy«


Making Herz d.o.o. company's products more competitive on the international market through digital business process transformation.


HERZ d.o.o. with consortium partners KOPIT d.o.o., SMART CARGO d.o.o., ART REBEL 9 d.o.o. and EMPERIA d.o.o. is participating in the DIGIT HERZ project within the framework of the public call "Digital Transformation of the Economy" (JR Digit NOO), which aims at the digital transformation of HERZ d.o.o.

The key objective of the technological renewal and digital maturity of HERZ is to make its products more competitive on the international market through the digital transformation of business processes. The project aims to increase the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of the company. We plan to develop and launch advanced digital solutions or products, which mainly include a cloud-based IT system for production management, a platform for the management and automation of logistics solutions, an augmented and augmented reality platform to support development and maintenance processes, and solutions for predictive maintenance and processing at the edge of the network.

The project is co-funded by the EU through the call for proposals "Digital Transformation of the Economy", published by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, for up to EUR 1,834,324, with a total financial value of EUR 3,853,566.42.

The investment is part of the actions of the Slovenian Recovery and Resilience Plan, funded by the EU NextGenerationEU mechanism, which can be found at https://www.gov.si/zbirke/projekti-in-programi/nacrt-za-okrevanje-in-odpornost in https://evropskasredstva.si/.

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