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CDO-VR - Centre for deficit occupations with virtual reality

Art Rebel 9

The common challenge of the program area that we wish to address through cross-border cooperation in the Interreg Slovenia - Austria 2021–2027 program is the deficit of occupations in the regions of Slovenia and Austria, and consequently the lack of adequately trained and motivated staff, which employers on both sides of the border face. Within the framework of the CDO-VR project, we will highlight occupations in the fields of electrical engineering, metalworking, construction, ICT, supply services, as well as hospitality and catering, which are most lacking on both sides of the border.


Purpose and objectives of the project

With this project, we aim to spark the interest of young people, the unemployed, and individuals, especially from rural areas, who are deciding on or changing their career paths, to get excited about occupations that are considered deficit occupations in both Slovenia and Austria using virtual reality. At the Centre for deficit occupations, certain skills required by deficit occupations can be tested using VR glasses. In an innovative, youth-friendly, and tailored way, we want to increase the visibility of deficit occupations, strengthen their role and significance in society. Consequently, we aim to improve the position of these target groups in the labor market and retain staff on both sides of the border.

Expected project results

  • Conducting research on deficit occupations in Slovenia and Austria.

  • Preparing guidelines and technical requirements for the implementation of VR/AR support to enhance the inclusion of target groups in education for deficit occupations.

  • Developing a joint VR/AR tool for exploring deficit occupations and testing them using virtual and/or augmented reality as an innovative practice to strengthen the inclusion of target groups in these professions.

  • Training of professionals in organized workshops on using the new VR/AR tool with target groups.

  • Pilot implementation of creative presentations of VR/AR applications in the field.

  • Establishment of the Center for deficit occupations with the virtual reality in Slovenia and Austria, where interested parties can test working in these professions using VR glasses.

  • Conducting a study visit of both centers (partners and target groups of the project).

  • Broad dissemination in the project area.

  • Conducting evaluations and potential upgrades of VR/AR tools and, if necessary, additional training of professional workers/teachers for use.

Project partners

  • Ljudska Univerza Ptuj (lead partner of the Slovenian-Austrian consortium)

  • Art Rebel 9, d. o. o.

  • Employment Service of Slovenia – Regional Office Ptuj

  • ISOP – Innovative Social Projects

  • NOWA – Training, Consulting, Project Management

Project duration: From October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2026.

Project financing:

  • The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the Interreg program Slovenia-Austria.

Project value:

  • Project budget: 1,070,286.80 EUR

  • ERDF funds: 856,229.44 EUR

More information about the program and project:

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