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ARGOvr - Platform for learning and training

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The most up-to-date training method in enterprises

By implementing the ARGO VR advanced digital solution for virtual education and training, collaboration and sharing of knowledge, ongoing remote online assistance and virtual guidance with advanced analytics, you can accomplish all of these tasks in the most optimal way.


VR platform as a new standard for training and education in enterprises

Employees are an integral part of any business, therefore it is vital that they are highly trained. Achieving the latter goal is becoming increasingly challenging, particularly in the industrial sector that is facing a huge gap in skill levels. This could lead to many unfilled job vacancies and a growing need for automation. 

Traditional training with manuals or the help of coaches often proves not only stressful and time-consuming but also quite cost-prohibitive – mainly when we take into the account the travel expenses and labour costs as well as the loss of income when working facilities are not being used.

Use the advantage of digital transformation to stay flexible and competitive

Emerging extended reality (XR) technologies offer new opportunities for businesses. ARGO VR, an innovative industrial VR platform for specific business needs that helps companies take full advantage of different technologies, was created by combining our in-depth knowledge of the technologies and business processes of companies. 

It is the perfect solution to help the next generation technicians when joining the company and engaging in learning and testing processes, making it easier for them to master workflows before undertaking field operations and perform repair and service tasks faster and more efficiently.

Many innovative Industry 4.0 technologies 

Among other things, ARGO VR includes an integrated script editor that enables quick additions and changes, a 360° viewing app for remote learning and guidance and an interactive 3D VR workspace built on laser scanning technology. All this gives you access to advanced analytics, remote collaboration between different platforms, SCADA systems interconnection and much more.

Higher productivity

More appealing training for higher productivity


Safe and interactive method


Physical absence of experts and financial savings

Added value

A leap into the digital age using virtual reality for better training processes for the workers, improved safety, sustainability, reduced costs and higher engagement.

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