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ARGOmr - Platform for process control

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ARGO MR and Industry 5.0

ARGO MR is a developing process control platform based on Industry 5.0. With the help of advanced and fast developing XR technology, it helps to improve processes for managing and maintaining infrastructure and industrial environments, while keeping knowledge in store.


Connecting a person to devices

Industry 4.0 – simply said – allows you to do more with less. This means you can produce more and faster, while allocating your resources more efficiently and effectively. But development is moving fast, and Industry 4.0, which has brought all of this with automation and data transfer in manufacturing technologies over the Internet of Things, is already being upgraded by Industry 5.0.

It connects man with artificial intelligence, knowing that man and machine need to be connected to each other in order to cope with the complexity of the production environments in the future. Therefore, automated manufacturing processes need to be increasingly flexible, optimised and controlled to be (affordably) efficient.

A new way of systemic process monitoring

ARGO MR is understood as intelligent management by enabling users as a platform to implement a comprehensive system solution. This enables infrastructure and/or device operators to significantly simplify the inventory of infrastructure elements, integrate with monitoring systems that monitor infrastructure status data, and fully virtualise maintenance protocols.

The system as a whole enables maintenance staff to timely identify potential problem situations, accurately navigate critical infrastructure elements and interactively guide through the maintenance process, remote assistance, capture repairs and store all maintenance and processes.

High technology for high goals

The platform is based on the latest technological advances in augmented and virtual reality technology, building data modelling (BIM) and integration with corporate systems. By connecting data at the level of the digital twin and enabling insight into the process itself, we put man first, and technology helps him. And not the other way around.

In addition to process control, the ARGO MR platform is also a library of knowledge, as each process procedure is recorded in a repository and is always available for inspection or transfer to future generations of employees. This does not result in loss of acquired knowledge, but at the same time allows for a quick and innovative approach to the education of new personnel.


Digital inventory of protocols and infrastructure


Virtual display of procedures


Transfer of knowledge and experience

Added value

ARGO MR helps improve management and maintenance processes as it includes digitisation of information, management and traceability of processes, and visualisation of knowledge in augmented reality.

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