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AR map of Slovenia

SPIRIT Slovenia

Placing Slovenian companies on the international map

By using modern digital solutions, SPIRIT Slovenia wanted to upgrade its promotional activities at international fairs where it represents the Slovenian economy. They wanted to communicate their content in a visually attractive way, with an interactive and unique AR experience and an enriched presentation of content, which is why we have prepared an interactive 3D AR map for them.

With the AR9 app, we were able to present content more attractively, achieve greater visitor engagement and improve the overall positive user experience. The excellent cooperation with the Art Rebel 9 team has resulted in a great solution that allows us to present the breakthrough solutions of Slovenian innovative companies in a modern way at home and abroad.

Nataša Pečko Primc, Spirit Slovenija

A content-enriched presentation that attracts and activates the visitor

With its communication campaign “Green. Creative. Smart.” Slovenia exposes its key competitive advantages abroad and presents its sustainable economy, which offers people creative, innovative and affordable solutions for the long term development of society.

Presentations in fair environments require something that attracts visitors and engages them in an active manner. To this end, we have combined the physical map of Slovenia with the unified application for augmented reality. The application enables the visitors to learn about specific companies and economic solutions that support the story of the green, creative and smart Slovenian economy.

A map that never leads you astray

The large 2D map of Slovenia, which contains only the names of major Slovenian cities, allows the users to explore the landscape of the Slovenian economy in an interactive way. The users explore Slovenia through a tablet-installed app, which brings the map to life and creates an enjoyable and visually impressive experience by displaying additional content.

Only the representative enterprises and their activities are displayed as the tablet is directed at various points on the map. The 3D object of a company communicates the activity of the company in a clear, fast and comprehensible manner, and additional content is displayed by clicking on it. In addition to an entertaining animation, the 3D object contains basic information about the company and its activities.

A map that highlights things for you 

The mere passive monitoring of information has long ceased to be captivating, so we had to take a different approach to information provision for this project. Our AR map successfully met several requirements: it was special, it included the user's cooperation and also communicated all the requested information.

New media

Content enriched presentation


19 successful Slovenian companies


A new and interesting way of communicating

Added value

The augmented reality has transformed Slovenia's simple map into an interactive experience that allowed the visitor to explore selected companies, their activities and key competitive advantages, which are in line with the SPIRIT narrative “Empowering business” Green. Creative. Smart.

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