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When an empty space is filled with history with the help of augmented reality

Kranj is a city that conceals an interesting history beneath the surface that is not known to everyone. The Kranj Institute of Tourism and Culture organises guided tours of the tunnels under the city, and we have prepared the concept and content of a walk through them where you will be guided by augmented reality of the digital world.


Interactive content that successfully filled the void 

The tunnels under the historic centre of Kranj were built during World War II as shelters for the town's population. The tunnels were cut into the conglomerate rocks and are 1,300 metres long. They are an interesting but otherwise completely empty space. Therefore, we took an innovative approach to enrich them with interactive content that steeps the visitors into the world of augmented reality and guides them through it. 

It allows us to place different kinds of visual attractions into a particular environment that interact with visitors in various interesting ways. Thus, in combination with information at 14 stations, the attractions tell the story of Kranj, the creation of the tunnels, important people and their achievements, cultural and historical landmarks, the history of the town and the origin of the Khislstein Castle.

Explore the underworld of Kranj single-handedly

The Kranj tunnels are a setting where various events unfold, including guided tours through them. They are usually empty, and with this project we did not aim to fill them with some classic physical content or a 3D exhibition. Instead, we opted for an augmented reality app and a digital exhibition that is revealed to the visitors when they use smart tablets and scan target images.

The purpose of the augmented reality application was not to replace a human with a digital guide because the guides are well-versed and replacing them would not be reasonable nor necessary. The app is only intended to provide an in-depth tourist experience and aestheticise it, to add digital content to the otherwise monotonous image of the tunnels and to enrich some of the exhibitions with digital information.

Exploring the high-quality of digitalized content

The in-app experience offers a walk-through tour of the points where the history of the tunnels, the geological formation of the area and the manganese mine are presented with the help of a tablet. We get a presentation of the old way of life, learn more about the town's most famous inhabitants, take a closer look at some of the town's landmarks, browse through archaeological findings and take a tour through the interior of the St. Cantianus Church.

14 stations

Several fields of interest are included


The transfer of elements into a digital world


Exploring content in augmented space

Added value

Augmented reality is perfect for the specifics of a space where we want to refrain from physical intervention. Therefore, we built a content-rich digital world and conjured up a real experience with the help of storytelling.

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