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The AR citylight

A1 Slovenia

“The start of something extraordinary” with the launch of A1 in Slovenia

By creating the first AR (augmented reality) citylight in the Adriatic region, we helped the A1 brand to a creative launch with a unique virtual brand experience in a public space.

The project was done in collaboration with Grey agency.


Advanced digital solutions with augmented reality

Renaming itself to A1 Slovenia, Si.mobil is committed to offering services that “enrich the experience of living, working and playing in the digital age.” As a leading private provider of integrated communications services, it combines TV, internet, mobile and fixed telephony services.

To support the whole campaign that heralded the start of something extraordinary, we designed a special citylight. With its untapped potential, this was a great opportunity to showcase advanced digital solutions. The AR format (which was an unknown format for citylights in this area before) presented the capacity of the medium itself and revealed the way in which it can be used to fascinate users.

An unprecedented user experience

AR solutions provide users with additional information or an augmented reality experience enriched with custom content. It can be informative or educational, or just for entertainment. We aimed for entertainment when our content within an AR citylight frame at a bus stop was transformed into a realistic view of the surroundings, as if the viewer was looking through a window.

Our solution was based on the use of Augmented Reality (AR) to conjure up the illusion of marine animals flashing past passersby, from a single fish to a whole school, from a dolphin to a jellyfish.

3D modelling of the marine animals used

The entire citylight was based on the pre-prepared 3D animations of marine animals that were displayed in real time on the screen. For this purpose, a camera was placed on the opposite side of the citylight to capture the situation or what was happening behind it, and then the above 3D animation was projected onto this clip via hardware equipment. Both experiences were then displayed together on the screen as a realistic window scene for random passersby to observe.


First AR citylight of the Adriatic region

Physical reach

More than 80.000 people


More than 300.000 views

Added value

The use of AR has achieved (and went beyond) its purpose as the A1 brand has more than successfully presented itself as a “reliable, attentive and full-of-life companion” to its users.

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