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Rogaška Slatina and innovative digital solutions

We present the cultural heritage of Rogaška Slatina to visitors using various innovative digital solutions so that they can experience the story of the destination in more detail and in an interesting way as it connects with the history, development and importance of the Donat Mg healing water.


"Learning through fun" in the museum collections of Ana's Palace

Ana’s Palace is one of Rogaška Slatina's main tourist attractions. There, the visitors can explore the museum’s 5 collections displaying items and products related to glass, prints, local history, park and water. As part of the digitisation of this project, we created two apps for the water and glass collections, which rely on augmented reality to present additional content.  

By doing so, we provided the mobile device users with the opportunity to access the thermal water collection through three portals and learn more about the history of the water and the town itself. The users’ interactions at the glass collection involve physically blowing into a device linked to an application that lets the users design various glass products, which gives the experience a creative and personal touch. 

Interactivity and education, all in one

Rogaška Slatina is world-famous for two products – unique mineral water and superior crystal glassware. Both have had a major impact on the city’s development and still play an important part in its economy and tourism today. They are both centrepiece collections at Ana’s Palace in Rogaška Slatina, which is why we upgraded them by endowing them with additional experience.

Three portals were created for the water collection in an augmented reality technology app. The portals allow the visitors to engage in research and gather useful information as they are “teleported” first to the underground world of mineral water, then to the comfortable hotel office where they learn about the history of the water in Rogaška Slatina, and finally into a video gallery showing the city’s sights. 

Designing your own glass product

With the glass collection, we wanted the visitors to take an almost hands-on approach in learning about glass factory work, which is why we enabled them to “shape” their own crystal glassware products by blowing into a tablet. The tablet’s microphone detects the blowing power and allows it to build up until the creation of the glassware product is completed. The visitors can further personalise their products with inscriptions and even have their creations made at the factory to be taken home. Since crystal glassware is also renowned for its sound, the visitors can tease out its melodies with the help of a touch-based app.


Learning through entertainment


Augmented tourist adventure


Intuitive user experience

Added value

Both apps serve as experience tools alongside providing additional educational content. Thus they provide edutainment, which enriches the experience of visiting individual museum collections at Ana’s Palace.

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