Experience the world of large carnivores with the help of immersive technologies

by AR9, February 24, 2023
1 min

Carnivora Dinarica is the name of a project for the long-term preservation of the wolf, bear, and lynx population in the territory of the northern Dinarides. A member of a large carnivore family isn't someone you want to meet at your family hike through the forest.

But that's also highly unlikely, as the wolf, bear, and lynx normally avoid humans at any cost. So how to learn more about their life, habits, and role in regulating the processes of nature?

For Dina Pivka, an educational and entertainment center in Pivka, we developed 10 different multimedia experiences, forming an interactive exhibition of the large carnivores of the northern Dinarides. Immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality make this unique, magical forest-themed experience truly unforgettable.

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