The hidden treasures of Hvar - Addressing modern challenges in tourism

by AR9, October 25, 2023
1 min

The interactive VR film about the city of Hvar is a unique experience where, with the help of VR technology and expert storytelling, we revived the history of the island. Through excellent collaboration with the client (thanks Edo, thanks Mayor), we exceeded their expectations.

The SIMPL platform is a different story but equally powerful. On a large interactive touch screen, visitors can choose what they want to explore based on their preferences and interests: archaeological finds, sunken ships, or abandoned villages. But nothing is left to chance. The system is designed to focus on information that is most relevant to each visitor. And that's not all: visitors can download this information to their phones, guiding them on a personal exploration of the island.

In both cases, with our expertise and excellent collaboration with the client, we ensured that visitors' experiences are exceptional and unforgettable, and above all, different from what they expected.

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